CrossFit Threefold’s Kids and Youth Sports Training program is for children of all ages and abilities.

We focus on teaching children on how to form a foundation for healthy habits through various activities. The program combines gymnastics, body weight calisthenics, weight lifting elements, and endurance type exercises to develop overall physical fitness and basic sport concepts.

CrossFit Threefold’s Kids also focuses on elements that encourage bone density and vestibular system development.

Each class is FUN, unique, and different every day that allows the children to be engaged and entertained to create a lifelong love of health and fitness. Whether to keep your child physically active or to improve their overall physical skills; CrossFit Threefold’s Kids and Youth Sports Training will make a difference in your child’s overall health mentally, physically, and nutritionally.

As our program has been a great success and many of our athletes have been progressing so well we recently introduced our Teen Sports Training in January 2016!! This program is for ages 13-17. For more info you may contact us at 610-509-5510 or Contact Coach Tara at 484-866-0598


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