This workout is dedicated to Master Sgt. Jose Gonzales and Master Sgt. Luis De Leon-Figueroa who died on August 21, 2019 during combat operations in Faryab province, Afghanistan. They were from SFODA 7134 who were conducting an operation against Taliban forces in Alamar village, Faryab Province.
MSG Deleon was an assault team leader for Bravo Team and MSG Gonzoalas was supporting his team as they cleared structures.
In the US Army, you are assigned identifiers to your job so that everyone knows what is your specialty. The “W” letter means you are free-fall qualified and you can conduct skydiving operations as a method of infiltration onto a target. The “9” identifier means you are dive qualified and can conduct scuba diving as a method of infiltration. Luis was free-fall qualified and Jose was dive qualified. Hence the name “Whiskey 9”.
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