We have added an 8am class on Saturdays in addition to our regular 9am

Saturday class has been awesome and we have been thrilled with the large turnouts! The energy and commitment all of our CrossFit Threefold athletes have been putting in is inspiring. Yes it is great to have 20 plus athletes regularly coming in on a Saturday morning. As always safety is most important so as promised we have added the 8am class for Saturdays. Now you can get your day started a little earlier and join the 8am class or sleep in an extra hour and still enjoy the 9am. Thank you for the dedication you have all put in and the more we continue to grow the more classes we will continue to add. We will also continue to have our intro class at 10am. Please share and bring your friends, family, coworkers, etc.. on in to see what we are all about and let them start their 2015 off the right way. Help them start their fitness journey today!


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